Famous Swords That Changed Worlds History

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Throughout history, legends and great heroes have established themselves not only as history changers but also known for the weapons that they wielded, which are legendary too. So much has been said that even people ask themselves if these heroes wielded these weapons or if the weapons wielded the heroes. The following swords became so famous, even more than the people who wielded them and changed the world's history

History Famous Swords Which Changed The Worlds

 The China Sword of Goujian

This sword was found in china in the year 1965 in a tomb, and this sword dates back in time, which is 403 and 771 BC. The Gou Jian sword belonged to a famous emperor by the name Goujian. Goujian retrieved his kingdom from the enemy after the sword fell to a state that was neighboring to his. On discovering the sword, archaeologists were amazed because the sword had been safely lying in the tomb for over a thousand years and yet the blade was still sharp. It had no rust on it since the sword was made of crypt and copper; the water which flowed from river Zhang had been soaking it this entire time. The sword is in a museum in Hubei, and it is still very sharp

Napoleon's Sword

Napoleon was considered a genius in strategy; he was a military leader and a statesman during the war of the French Revolution that earned a title of Emperor from the senate in the year 1804. When Napoleon was ruling, he expanded his empire and toppled many empires by personally being on the front lines of the battles that were fought, and he carried his sword and a pistol with him. It is believed that the sword was made from the finest materials that existed during those times and were encrusted with gold. The Emperor gave the sword to a brother as a wedding gift because he believed that the many victories that he had won with the sword would bring good luck to the newlywed. The sword has been inherited in the napoleon family generation to generation until it was sold lastly; however, the sword was purchased back by a descendant of napoleon in an auction who paid heavily for the sword.

The Wallace Sword

The Scotland guardian himself used this sword named William Wallace. This sword is to be held with two hands in size; it is 1.63 meters, and its weight is 2.7 kilograms; this feature makes it a very deadly weapon if it is in the hands of a person strong to swing the sword. William Wallace was a very big man, and every enemy that faced him in battle fell to this sword just with a single thrust. During the war of independence for Scotland, many English soldiers fell to this blade, especially in the sterling battle, which took place in the year 1297 and Falkirk battle that happened in 1298. Wallace was captured and executed brutally in 1305. However, the sword was owned by many people after that. And now the sword is displayed at the Wallace monument that is near sterling, this is the place that Wallace and his sword got great victories.


This sword was wielded by Charles the great, and it is better known as the Charlemagne, Charles carried this sword till the time he died in 814 AD. The length of the sword is more than a meter, and its blade is 82.8 centimeters 1.6kg in weight. This sword, which meant Charles used joy for several things, execute prisoners, battle enemies, and knight followers that were loyal to him. He cherished his sword so much because it had transformed him from franks king to become the first roman Emperor that was holy. During one battle, the Emperor lost the sword, but a knight found it and gave it back to him. The Emperor was so happy to get his sword back that he granted the knight one of his lands for him to rule.

Curtana Or Sword of Mercy

Many stories surround this sword that was used by monarchs of Britain during coronations. Some people believe that Tristan, who was a knight on the round table, owned this sword while some believe that it belonged to Edward, who was a confessor. 2.5 centimeters of curtana is missing making the tip to be just a blunt square object. The purpose of this sword was strictly ceremonial; it was not involved in the violence; that is the reason that it is referred to as the sword of mercy. There is a certain legend that says that the sword's tip to have been broken by an angel so that it could be used for killing. However, the real reason may be that the tip broke or was purposefully removed for reasons of safety. The curtana is one of the jewels of Britain that are crowned and among few precious things that survived during the civil war in the mid-1600s.

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