Katana for Sale

Do you want a hand-forged katana sword? We will give you the best one. We have run our business for hundreds of years and ensure the quality of our samurai swords. Each blade has its unique spirit The katana mainly consists of 3 parts. The hand-forged blade is perfectly curved to make it solid. The design of tsuba is intricate as an artwork. The saya is made of light and hardwood, and its surface is manually sprayed with piano coatings. With highly intensive human endeavor, sweat and toil building katana quality, it takes months to make a Japanese sword. It is considered as a holy and excellent collection, which can be used in iaido, kenjutsu, laijutsu, ninjutsu and kendo.

We have designed a variety of katana. The steel of the blade can be divided into high carbon steel and folded steel. The former is cost-effective and suited to beginners. The latter is hand-forged and shows well in toughness and hardness. We choose the best materials and focus on quality assurance. According to centuries of traditional methods, covering all details like quenching, grinding, and forging, a perfect samurai sword is made.

During the Shogunate, the Samurai would pair a katana and wakizashi on their belts in daily life. There are nearly 150 types on our website. There will certainly be one for you. If you want a simple sword idea, please consider the shirasaya swords