Samurai Swords For Sale

Samurai Swords For Sale

Handmade Swords Expert online store has been very enthusiastic and curious about the history of the real samurai swords and the extreme value they give to those possessing them. Typically, real samurai swords are available in a wide range of collections, and each variety has its unique features enabling it to offer the best services according to its design and the purpose for the usage. The fact that a swordsmith today follows the exact same process as one would have a thousand years ago. Are you someone who appreciates the art of sword making, such as their innate beauty and their plans? We are proud to offer our impressive handmade swords and we stand behind their quality and the excellent rating customer service we provide.

Do you know that the Japanese steel swords are shaped in various designs such that you can't name all of them instantly? As you begin to immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture you can explore these in more depth. For today we will focus on the six most common and influential styles. Each of these has played a key role in the formation of Japan and the mystique of the Samurai.

  • Wakizashi
    • Tanto
      • Shirasaya
      • Tachi
      • Odachi / Nodachi

       Japanese Samurai Swords For SaleSamurai Swords

      Wakizashi Swords For Sale Wakizashi Swords

      Clay Tempered Blade Samurai Swords Clay Tempered Swords


      Because of this unbroken legacy, the elegance, strength, and flexibility of the original blades can still be replicated by modern swordsmith. All the swords in our collection are hand forged by expert swordsmiths. These still retain the spirit of the samurai. all the swords we sell are sourced from reputable swordsman's and brought to a customer's what's the reasonable prices possible. They are trusted by both experienced and aspiring collectors. Our samurai swords are not only affordable but also of the highest rating from verified wholesalers and aspiring retailers. If you are in the market for a beautifully crafted sword, even on the tightest budget. We are proud to make your dream come true within your budget.


      hand forged samurai swords history

      handmade samurai swords history

      To truly appreciate the value of these immaculate weapons you need to understand the production process. This can be broken down into 26 individual steps, but I won't bore you with all these today.. Everything starts with the selection of the highest quality materials, then moves on to the forging of the sword, the quenching process, grinding, and finally assembly and molding. (Yes, I know there are a few steps missing, these you can research in your own time) Every step of this process is done by hand, so you can probably appreciate that a quality samurai sword is never made overnight. A swordsmith dedicates a lot of blood sweat and tears to each and every weapon.

      Each sword has a unique appearance, as well as different varieties of blade steel. Just visit our online store today, and you will find over 150 different types of samurai swords. Yes, you will have an opportunity to pick the sword of your choice that will satisfy your needs according to your ideals. Our swords are easy to customize since you can either shorten or lengthen or even change their appearance to suit your ideas. We understand that your needs are different from those of others; hence we support the production of customized swords in our business. Besides, our swords are made using traditional forged methods due to its uniqueness and strong enough to cut anything just like a razor blade.


      High carbon steel
      high rating carbon steel, offering both high performance and durability at a very affordable price. It is popular because it is suitable for daily practice or just for cutting. We can produce these blades at very reasonable prices, a standard high carbon steel blade will cost you anything from $150 to $350.



      samurai swords of folded steelFolded Steel
      All authentic samurai swords are forging by folding at least two different kinds of steels but each will have different carbon qualities. This process is repeated until all the impurities are removed from the blade. This is what makes a higher-quality samurai sword particularly tough and difficult to break. The surface of these swords regularly has unusual features and some unnatural patterns on the plate's body, as a direct consequence of the folding process.



      Clay tempered blade samurai swordsClay tempering
      This part of the blade forging process separates the ancient traditional art of Japanese sword making from many of its counterparts. To put it as simply as possible and to understand during the forging the blade is heated, but this is never an even process. Different parts of the blade can heat at different rates.. To prevent this from weakening a blade in swordsmith will wrap the back half of the blade's body in clay. This allows the entire body of the blade to harden evenly. The edges of the blades get especially hard while on the spine remains somewhat flexible. Giving the samurai sword its unique combination of strength and flexibility. It takes nearly 10 years to truly master this skill, as environmental factors always influence the final outcome.



      samurai swords hand grinding Hand Polishing
      Note that the liquid temperature and the heat involved determine the hardness of the sword blade strength. Next, using more than ten different types of grinding stones of diverse thickness, the sword blade undergoes careful grinding for several days, and this leaves the edge smooth and shiny such that it will reflect thins just like a mirror. It is after this tiresome process that a samurai sword can be said to be complete and from the most experienced craftsmanship. The sword will finally undergo the trial cut or the tameshigiri process where the Sharpness and strength of the sword are tested.



      laido katana high qualityUnder Basic Conditions

      Whether you intend to use them to cut bamboo or straw mats they will never fail you. Generally, it is recommended that a clay tempered blade should have good endurance and high hardness. This hardness is essential so that they can endure long-term cutting off bits of hemp, bamboos, straws, among other hard materials and without bullying. All our katanas have to satisfy three basic conditions before they're sold.

      They will not break
      They will not bend
      They will remain sharp

      Even on the most limited budgets, we strive to meet these three conditions Due to the nature of the sword itself, which is based on historical combat experience. The first half of it as a samurai blade always tends to be sharper than the rear. But if you want to use it for specific purposes just email us and we can sharpen or dull the whole blade for free.



      What are our most popular swords

      What are our most popular swords?

      The Katana
      This remains the most popular samurai sword, at around 40 inches long, it is truly an imposing blade, But it still offers excellent balance despite its length. Everyone who knows anything about the Samurai knows the Katana was their most fundamental weapon. The Wakizashi This 30-inch blade was considered a Samurai back-up blade. Because it is shorter it can also be wielded indoors. These were specifically designed to be easier to carry and far more suitable for close combat.

      The Tanto
      For all intents and purposes, this was the dagger of the Samurai. At 20 inches in length, it was very convenient for everyday use like knives.


      The Taichi
      Taichi sword comes with a large curved body and a gorgeous appearance, thus making it a perfect sword for religious ceremonies and decorations on your home.


      The Shirasaya
      This is a wooden sheath designed to protect more valuable Samurai swords. Older, more valuable blades will be equipped with one of these, The most valuable blades, generally, ones that are over 100 years old, regularly sell for tens of thousands of dollars. These are designed to allow the body of the blade to be easily disassembled and preserved. Any samurai swords that cannot be stored in this fashion are not truly handmade swords.



      samurai swords quality guaranteed

      What is a samurai sword full tang blade?

      Every single blade in Handmade Swords Expert collection is a full tang. You will not have to worry about any of the welding or other mass manufacturing problems, such as mouse tails that are very common along with the cheaper knock-off samurai swords. These can commonly be seen being sold on many e-commerce shop platforms. Anything that's being passed off cheaply can never be full tang.

      For anyone who is not a professional swordsmith, it might be difficult to know whether you have a full tang blade or not, but there are some telltale signs. Firstly the blade will have a strong vibration. especially if the steel in the sword handle and that of the sword body are not fully integrated A full tang blade is made from one complete piece of steel Any low price fake samurai blade that's made from more than one piece of steel is extremely dangerous as the blade is weak and can very easily break Before you ever purchase a katana or any other samurai swords make sure that you're only buying a full tang blade. Cheaper blades are prone to break at the hilt very easily.


      legal shipping with samurai swords

      What are the legal and shipping terms of katana swords?

      It is essential to understand that since the end of the Second World War, more than half a century years ago, the status of owning a private katana sword drastically changed from a battlefield weapon to an extremely artistic craft of high appreciation. A Japanese samurai sword includes a combination of aesthetics and uniqueness for a long time in history. Besides, samurai swords represent and are considered great custodians of the brave spirits of ancient Japanese people. For instance, the standard forging procedure has already gained international recognition.

      The good news is that whether you are in United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada, you can get our real samurai swords, and it will be derived accurately to your doorstep according to the location address you provide. However, remember, you must have the age of majority that is 18 years of age, and you must not have any active cases of showing violent or dangerous behaviors. Yes, take your samurai sword very carefully, embracing the real spirits of samurai. Thank you for your cooperation and support, and I feel appreciated as a real samurai warrior.


      Custom made your own samurai swords

      Custom made your own samurai sword

      Every sword we sell reflects one that was designed hundreds of years ago by expert swordsmiths for generations of Samurai warriors. Each of these swords was specifically designed to serve a specific purpose. Today Handmade Swords Expert hand forged the best collections of functional and authentic samurai swords you will find in the market. if you want to purchase your first or your 10th samurai sword, please do not hesitate to contact us today, we are confident our collection of samurai swords to suit your needs.