• katana samurai swords for sale
  • samurai swords for sale

At the Handmade Swords Expert, you can find high quality handmade samurai swords. We are different from other sellers or wholesalers who are just in the middle making a commission. You cannot guarantee the quality from these suppliers. All the swords on sale through us are handmade by our experienced swordsmith. This is not a simple and cheap copy hand forged. 

Each sword goes through a complex process of quenching and forging to ensure the hardness of the blade edge and the toughness of the blade. There are many styles and types to choose from on the website, including the mainstream types of Katana and wakizashi and the ninja sword. 

You can not only use the samurai sword for exercise and to also present it in your home as a very beautiful and valuable work of art. Everyone who sees your sword will be amazed by its beauty and great. Please be assured that we have the very best shipping capabilities and insurance. We promise you a quick and safe delivery of your order.