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The most popular sword we sell is the Katana, this is down to the long history of the blade and the fact that it remains the most well known to all Japanese samurai swords of blades. But as our customers become more interested in the history of the Samurai and their swords, they begin to realize that there are a wide variety of swords to be had.


In Japan, the samurai sword is known as Katana. When we picture a samurai warrior it is impossible to do so without they're unique curved sword. The Japanese swordsmiths who helped make these beautiful weapons hundreds of years ago were among the most skilled in the whole world. This knowledge remains today as it has been passed down from generation to generation.


Our customers buy katana swords for a wide variety of reasons, a gift, or something interesting to mount on their wall, or they just want a training tool. Whatever the reason everyone can appreciate the innate beauty and skilled craftsmanship that come with purchasing one of these astonishing swords.


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Katana Swords Hand–Forged

The traditional heating process ensured the entire blade body was unevenly heated and only to the intended parts. The naked eyes of an experienced person can tell whether the blade body has attained the best quenching temperature. Note that the quenching oil exposed to the outer part of the katana sword is higher than the hardness of the clay section, thus making the blade to bend naturally. Besides, the edges become very hard as well as maintain the edges sharpness and still keep the spine very soft. From experience, this process is quite challenging, and a minimum of ten years is a must to come up with such handmade swords.


Each of these blades used by the Japanese warriors all served a unique function. We have the vastest collection of authentic and superiorly functional Swords in the market. Our main purpose is hand forged the Reasonable & Quality katana swords for sale.



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Katana Quality Guaranteed

Once you receive our handmade sword. You'll be surprised, may never see a quality katana sword before. We have gone to great length to ensure that our swords are better than any others available on the general market. The swords handle is wrapped in silk rope, this is a much fresher option than traditional cotton rope which naturally tends to absorb sweat very easily.

The Japanese have perfected the art of making leather from fish skin. Your sword will feature this beneath the ribbon. You will find leather made from Mackerel skin. This will be either black, red, or white in color. It causes some friction between your hand and the hilt.

We use a medium hardwood to make the handle for our swords. This is designed to absorb the vast majority of the shock that can occur during the cutting process. The density of the wood chosen for the handle of a sword is vitally important, too soft and you will have no feelings, too hard and the shock of impact of cutting might cause your grip to loosen.

Your sword scabbard will generally be made from lighter wood, the surface is carefully smoothed and polished at least three different types of sandpaper of varying thickness. Following the sanding process, we add three layers of high rating piano paint, this is to ensure that your scabbard is of the same quality as the rest of your sword.



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The Katana was created sometime around the 15th century. It was designed as a response to a change in battlefield tactics - samurai needed a faster weapon, one that could be drawn quickly and kill without much hesitation.

At first, the Katana was 70 cm in length - but it did change over time. Through the ages, blacksmiths shortened it to 60 cm and then moved it back to 70. Some katanas were as small as 40 cm in length.


This is the Katana's predecessor. It is slightly longer and more curved. It was used by samurai who entered the battlefield by foot at first, but it was later on used by cavalry alone. Because of its longer design, horsemen could easily hit and kill foot soldiers using it.

Because both the Tachi and the Katana are similar, samurai used to differentiate each sword based on marks placed along the blade and how each sword was worn by warriors. The Katana was carried at the waist, while the Tachi was placed on the back.

While Katana means ' sword". Tachi means '*big sword" - even though there's not a lot of difference between each other.


The Odachi is a two-handed sword, similar to both the Katana and Tachi. It is longer than the Tachi - its length is its main characteristic. Foot soldiers used the Odachi to hit. cut. and neutralize cavalry soldiers without having to address the difference in height other than with their sword's length.

Odachi means "field sword" and carries that name fora reason. This sword was used in open battlefields only. Because of its length, it would prove counterproductive to use it in constricted spaces.