Samurai Katana

As a sword since ancient times, the samurai swords is well-known for its elegant shape. Many famous samurai swords are collected as top art and symbolize the spirit of samurai. Japanese sword is one of the three famous swords in the world. Unlike swords in other countries, one of the biggest features of the Japanese sword is the sword posing an aesthetic feeling outside its shape and decoration. It also stands for social status in ancient Japan. In the long history of Japan, samurai sword is highly worth collecting. In terms of size and length, it can be divided into taichi, katana, wakizashi, tanto. In Japan, a sword-maker is called “swordsmith” or “blacksmith”. It takes decades of hard work and patience to become an experienced swordsmith.

With a history of more than 2600 years in making samurai sword, we quench the samurai sword through local unique spring water and make steel through selected iron sand in the stream. The samurai sword is finally forged by a swordsmith with more than 30 years of experience and its quality is guaranteed through hundreds of years. The blade is battle ready and can be used for cutting tests. In addition, the surface of samurai sword is grind by more than 12 different grindstones, so it is very bright and can be used as a mirror. Considering security, if you don’t like a this one, just tell us and we will replace a dull blade for you without any charge.

Customizing own samurai sword

We can customize the samurai sword according to your needs, including changing the Tsuba, the length of the blade, the color of the handle and the thread. We also provide free engraving on the blade. Welcome to customize your own unique katana.